My 10 favourite things that I can’t wait for this Christmas

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Today it snowed in London.

Snowed in London. A few flakes descended from the sky and actually touched down in London. I could hardly contain my excitement.

Christmas is definitely on it’s way and despite having a cold for about the past month (meh), I’m seriously getting into the festive spirit. And I’ve got a good reason to. Much like Maria in the Sound of Music, I’ve got too many favourite things. 

So without further ado, here’s 10 favourite things that I can’t wait for this Christmas (and by wait, I mean I’ve already started all of these things *shrugs*):

1) The tunes

I have about seven Spotify playlists going on right now depending on my daily mood. Expect that Last Christmas by WHAM! is on every single one.

2) The London style

The lights have all been officially switched on and it makes the absolute hell of going into central London that much better with all the festive decor. It even makes me like the Oxford street crowds. Well, at the very least, tolerate.

3) All the Christmas films

Home Alone, White Christmas, Miracle of 34th Street, The Grinch, Love Actually, The Sound of Music (it counts), It’s a Wonderful Life, The Holiday…

The best thing about Christmas movies is that they’re mostly uplifting at the very end. No dramatic horrible endings. They all end on a cheery note. And to be honest, at the end of the year, that’s what we all need a bit more of, don’t you think?

4) Making those Christmas plans with literally everyone you know

OK. Chances are we’ll all spread ourselves a little too thin over the holidays with promises of plans. But the odds are, you’ll actually manage to achieve 50% of the meet ups you want to go to. Which in my eyes is actually a massive success.

I’ve got girls nights planned, bloggers nights, family nights, date nights. It’s about to be a busy, but great month. It’s always lovely to end the year with everyone you care about.

5) Christmas cookies

I’m not talking about mince pies (although, I’m fairly accustomed to those now). Actual proper Christmas sugar cookies. Full of buttery, sugary goodness and topped with food coloring sugar frosting and sprinkles. I’m planning to make my mom’s recipe over the weekend, so stay tuned to my Insta stories.

6) Winter Wonderland

We went on their opening weekend to Hyde Park and well, it’s something that you have to do if you live in London. I avoid all of the rides and head straight to the Bavarian Village where we order German sausages with mustard and tankards of beer. It’s amazing and instantly puts you into the spirit of Christmas. We’ll be back for sure.

7) The festive tipple

Eggnog is one of my favourite holiday drinks. My grandpa always makes this incredible recipe loaded with rum, even though he always says doesn’t have much rum in it. (Spoiler alert, it really does). But I’ve even gotten into mulled wine and hot cider as well since moving to the UK. Any warming drink is welcome from December 1st.

8) Everyone’s nicer

Have you noticed that in December everyone gets that little bit nicer? Unless you’re shopping on Oxford Street, I think everyone gets that feeling that we want to be put on the nice list.

9) Christmas pajamas

This year my mom and I bought matching plaid sets (and even one for Joe!!). When I was younger, every Christmas eve, we’d get to open one gift. A new set of fancy pajamas. Clever because the next morning we’d look like all stars opening our gifts and smiling for the camera, instead of whatever ratty things we’d been wearing previously.

Last but not least…

christmas tree delivery fantastic services

christmas tree delivery fantastic services

10) The Christmas tree!

For the past two years we haven’t gotten a tree for our London flat. Not because I wasn’t absolutely desperate to. More so, we spent the past two Christmas’ stateside with my family, where we ended up getting Christmas trees there instead. But I always crave having a real tree in our place.

So I was excited, no giddy, when Fantastic Services offered to send a tree** to our flat this Christmas season. I couldn’t wait. Having a real Christmas tree makes the flat feel that much more festive, warming, and welcoming. Waking up in the morning every day and walking into our living room feels like the day is starting off in a much more magical way. It’s brilliant.

Our tree arrived on Wednesday morning bright and early and a lovely man named Jordan came to set it up for us. Literally, we didn’t have to do anything at all except open the front door. Wahoo! So we danced to Christmas tunes, strung up the lights, decorated our tree with ornaments, sipped on egg nog, and toasted to the new pine addition in the flat.

christmas tree delivery fantastic services

christmas tree delivery fantastic services

christmas tree delivery fantastic services

Tomorrow is December 1st and today it snowed.

I think this is shaping up to be a brilliant holiday season already.

Kelly xox

**PS. Our Christmas tree was delivered courtesy of Fantastic Services. I’ve also got a sneaky little £10 off code* (kellyprince10) for you if you’re in the market for any home services. They have things like cleaning, gardening, home improvements, etc. I’d spring for the one-off cleaning! Especially before Christmas… 

(*T&Cs: £10 off first booking. Does not apply for regular domestic cleaning and Christmas services. Cannot be combined with other deals and promotions. Min charges apply. Subject to availability and area coverage.)

  • I love all these things as well- but especially when everyone seems to be nicer! x

  • So jealous of this right now, as I’m not getting a tree this year as there is not space in my parents house under renovation!