5 reasons you need to be rocking a red dress this holiday season

boohoo red dress of the month

It’s that time of year again!

I almost can’t believe I’m in the middle of writing up holiday posts. But here we are… it’s the end of November and I’m planning my Christmas party outfits.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been looking forward to this. I love the holidays. I love the chill in the air, the sparkle in everyone’s eye and an excuse for extra late nights with the people you love most.

It’s also an excuse to throw on a little extra glitter or a bold party look. So I’ve pinned down exactly the dress to be wearing this season from Boohoo… and it’s all about the colour red.

Sure, you’ve seen celebrities glued to the colour red, and it’s been rampant on the high street and runways… so why not embrace a good thing?

There are 5 reasons you should be rocking red this holiday season:

1. It looks good on you

I used to think I couldn’t pull it off, but this Boohoo dress’ bright red colour looks good paired with everyone’s skin tone and hair colour. Think of it like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but as a colour. It just works. I don’t understand how, but it does.

boohoo red dress of the month

boohoo red dress of the month

kate spade wedding clutch

boohoo red dress of the month

boohoo red dress of the month

2. To make a bold statement

It’s bold and it doesn’t blend into the crowd. Wearing a super bright red dress or outfit guarantees everyone’s eyes on you when you walk in.

3. Because colour matching is in

While I may not be one to typically match my mani to my pedi colour, I’ve got to say, red shoes work with the red dress. Feeling like a sexy Mrs. Claus is kind of a do. I nabbed these beauties from a Kurt Geiger sale, but Primark and M&S also carry bright red booties.

boohoo red dress of the month

kurt geiger red boots

4. To get into the spirit of the holidays

I don’t know about you guys. But the minute I start pulling out my winter wardrobe of faux furs, velvets and bold colours, I immediately get excited about the holidays. There’s nothing quite like slipping on your festive best to get you singing Christmas tunes six weeks before Christmas day.

boohoo red dress of the month

boohoo red dress of the month

5. Most importantly, it’s fun!

I’m really over the whole blending in thing as I get into my… late 20s. I used to shy away from anything too over the top. I steered towards black as a staple. And yes, I still love a little black dress. But it’s about time we start embracing wardrobes with bright personalities. So for me, this season, it’s all about having fun with my fashion choices. And that means, I’m all about the red dress. Need I say more?

Big thanks to Boohoo for sending me their super sexy red dress of the month. I can’t get enough of this beauty. And am actually wearing it out tomorrow night to be extra festive for drinks and dinner at The Shard. Stay tuned on my Instagram stories!

Kelly xoxo

Accessory details: Kate Spade Clutch / Kurt Geiger Boots / Timex Watch