7 blogs I’m loving this week (and blog posts) #2

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Last week, I started a new series on my blog, ‘Blogs I’m loving this week’ and to my utter surprise, here I am a week later actually writing it again.

It has also been (probably) the most viewed and commented on blog post that I’ve written in some time. Clearly, we’re all ready to discover new blogs and blog posts in 2018. Let’s get back to blogging the way we used to, you know, actually reading them!

Like I said last week, we all work so hard to do what we do. Let’s share the love!

This week, I’m sharing the 7 blog posts that I’m loving:

1. Jaye Rockett – Why you should have regular blog business meetings 

I saw Jaye this week and honestly, whenever we get together I’m reminded of why she’s such a great friend to have (mind you, this also happens when she enables me via text to make extreme ASOS purchases, but I digress). But not only is she a great friend, she’s also really on the ball when it comes to forward thinking when it comes to blogging. Her post is perfect for fellow bloggers who are looking for some extra accountability. And as always, give me a shout too if you’re looking for a lunchtime bud to run through all things blogging with too!

2. Rush and Teal – How to style a cosy corner 

Home interiors feel like they really blew up in 2017 and the trend continues to rise! We’re no longer millennials settling for living in squalor in our space, we want pretty, (and relaxing) interiors. Allie has one of my absolute favorite Instagram accounts already, her style as well as the tones used in her photos are the dream. In this post she shares more interior shots and styling tips too. One of my fav takeaways that I need to remember more from her post “Home decor doesn’t have to happen overnight! You get your key piece and then a few weeks later you see the perfect cushion to go with it and so on.” Allie, you genius.

3. Jasmin Charlotte – 10 Techy Tasks You Should Do For Your Blog ASAP

It really is the week for blog building, isn’t it? I can admit that I know very little about the SEO/tech side of websites. Jasmin however, knows everything. Seriously this post is the blog admin you never knew you needed. I’d also recommend signing up to her newsletter for additional SEO help. I have literally flagged them in my inbox but still need to action it all (which I have pencilled in for next week so I’ll keep you guys updated on my admin tasks)! Thanks for all the tips Jas, time to get organised.

4. Rhyme and Ribbons – Travel || A relaxing weekend staying at The North Star Club

Wow. As if you didn’t already know, Amanda from Rhyme and Ribbons has the absolute best photography skills. Seriously, this post is photo heavy and grab a cuppa because each one is as beautiful as the next. I’ve never been one to consider any sort of ‘glamping’ experience, but her stay at the North Star Club looks genuinely stunning and is making me totally reconsider. I think I need to get myself up North!

5. The Love Cats Inc. – My Love/Hate Relationship with Social Media

We’ve all been feeling it in one way or another lately and Helen captures the ups and downs of social media perfectly. I know that I personally can go from feeling really good about social to then feeling so ‘meh’ if I’ve maybe had 35 people unfollow me overnight (it happens!!). So go on and have a read and remember not to sweat the small stuff .

6. NBC’s ProSoccerTalk

You know what? I’m going for the shameless plug here. If you’re into your football (soccer in the USA), here’s your go-to. I’m not at all biased with JPW being the editor of the website or anything at all. But seriously, the team of writers work crazy hard to bring you the latest news in that world. If you’re into it of course. 

7. The Anna Edit – Five Beauty Resolutions That I’m Going To Keep In 2018

I’m trying to up my beauty game in 2018. I feel like I’ve let myself be tricked into thinking that I’m still a youth (I’m not) and my skin, hair and nails are feeling the fact that they’re not 18 anymore. But it’s easy tips like Anna’s that are making me feel like I too, can look after myself and my skin better this year. Yes, it includes drinking water, but also treating yourself a bit better too. Also, the photos in the post are shot by my pal Lauren (and they’re gorgeous as always).

So there you have it! My 7 picks for this week. It’s been great to get back into the habit of actually reading AND commenting on blogs. There’s so many great ones out there. Time to get reading!

As always, share who and what blogs you’re loving this week too in the comments!

Kelly xo

  • Oh hey you. Thanks for including me you absolute beaut! 💕

  • Thank you so much lovely! Xxx

  • Jasmin’s post was such a lifesaver! I’m 100% intending on implementing her tips now – I had no clue about most of them before reading her post! x

    • Oh I know, she’s so brilliant! It’s all the things I have zero idea about! xox

  • Thank you so much for the inclusion! And with such fabulous other blogs! xx

    • Your SEO newsletters are giving me such a great blog audit right now Jas! 🙂 xox