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Each week (or maybe month knowing my inability to follow through on the blog), I want to start sharing more love for the bloggers and writers. Whether it’s their blog in general or maybe their Instagram game is on fire, or perhaps they’ve written a piece that I can’t get enough of, I want to share it!

We all work so effing hard to do what we do. And one thing I want to get better at this year is taking time to share the work of friends, colleagues, and fellow writers. Because it’s just plain nice to share their awesome work.

This week, I’m sharing the 8 blog posts that I’m loving:

Hand Luggage Only – French Wine, French Castles And Delicious French Food – A Trip To French Wine Country

Go for the photos, stay for the words. These guys never fail to disappoint when it comes to their travel picks. You also might have had me at wine tasting. Set against the most gorgeous French backdrops in Bergerac, this a trip I’d love to recreate in the autumn of next year. Take a gander. And then, obviously, stay awhile because their posts will have you reaching for your credit card to book a getaway ASAP.

Rachel Phipps – Weekly Meal Plan #1: Easy Healthy Eating

My goodness, I have to say, reading Rachel’s blog will always leave you feeling hungry. But the good news is that this week’s recipes are healthy ones to get you back into the new year feeling good. None of these will leave you feeling like you’ve gone without. I’ve got my eye on the baked eggs and chickpeas to start!

Being Erica – Where the heck to next?

Always and forever off somewhere amazing and cool, Erica’s plans for the year are already making me feel envious. See where she’s off to next AND be sure to follow her Instagram to stay up to date!

Hello Miss Jordan – Don’t let your dreams be dreams

She’s back in the game this year with more of a planned focus on the blog that started it all. Stay tuned for more, but if you’re too excited to wait, you’ll always spot her absolutely bloomin’ winning on Instagram.

Britton Loves – The Perfect Chewy Melt-in-the-Middle Nutella Cookie Recipe (Vegan too!)

Is there anything Lauren CAN’T do? The answer is no. And she’s done it again with a dream worthy cookie recipe that won’t leave you feeling bad because hey, it’s vegan! Yay for plants! Also, this may be the best sentence of the post “Recipe – makes 4 extremely large cookies, or at least 8 normal ones for normal people.” We all know we’re making 4 large cookies Laur.

Lux Life Blog – Flying Singapore Airline’s First Class Suites – Sydney to NYC

If you’re the nosiest person in the world, like me, you will love this post. I always find that when you’re booking upgraded travel, there’s never enough details on what you’re actually paying for (or using miles on). Every time we fly, it’s: would you like to upgrade to business, premium, premium economy. What?! Catherine breaks it down for you and shares what a first class experience is like all the way from Sydney to NYC. PS. In case you wanted to know a little spoiler as to how she managed to do it? She used her crazy amount of airline miles on this… and well, it looks well worth it.

Little Miss Katy – I quit my job to become a full time blogger

I just want to start off with a BIG CONGRATS to Katy. She’s come into 2018 so strong by taking a leap to work full-time on her blogging. There’s no doubt in my mind that if anyone can do it, she can. Good luck Katy, I can’t wait to see everything you come up with!

Vix Meldrew – How to not be a twat this Veganuary 

I’m not taking part in Veganuary. But I’m in full support of my friends who are. For those of you taking part AND not taking part, Vix has all the tips on how to not be a twat from both perspectives. PS. I did actually buy almond milk this month though, so things they are a changin’.

Phew. That’s it from me this week on blog posts (except my own, of course!). But man, it sure does feel good to get back into reading blogs more regularly again.

PS. Are there any blogs that I should be checking out right now? I’m hoping to make this into a semi regular column on KPW. So blogs and blog post suggestions more than welcome in the comments!

Kelly xoxo

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    Ah I am loving this feature. Always on the lookout for more blog posts to read!
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  • Aw yay! Thank you lovely one!!! <3 xxx

  • Thanks for the love! And I want to hear how you get on with the eggs/ tomatoes/ chickpeas over lunch next week!

  • Lots of lovely posts here. You definitely had me at the “Easy healthy eating” one – I need to read that and get back on track! x

  • So many awesome posts!

  • Yay love lots of blog posts to read! x

  • Thanks so much for including me! Gonna have a read of the others on my lunch break 🙂

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  • Posts like this are so good to find new blogs to read! Looking forward to reading more throughout the year 🤗​

  • Leigh Travers

    I love this idea for a blog post and you’ve picked out some of my absolute favourites from this month too! xx