Breaking the stigma and talking about periods

bodyform periods

It’s 2017. This shouldn’t be a taboo subject anymore.


And by all accounts, it’s not really. Us woman in our 20s openly discuss when we have our periods, how ‘meh’ we feel sometimes about it. And how strong we are too. But you know what’s kind of wild? Commercials on TV still were using blue dye to indicate a period. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had blue blood.

Shocking, right?

I actually hadn’t even thought about it before, the fact that commercials had never done that before. Yikes.

So when BodyForm recently launched their campaign, Blood is the new normal, it was breaking boundaries. Because it totally is. Blood is the new normal, shouldn’t even have to be said as ‘new’, because it always has been. We just haven’t been talking about it.

And it’s good to break the stigma on periods. It’s good to talk about it openly. Girls and women shouldn’t be nervous or afraid to talk about it anymore. And neither should men. Because it is normal. It’s natural. And again, it’s 2017 and we shouldn’t be afraid to speak about it.

I don’t feel like I need to hide a box of tampons or pads. And you know what? My husband can equally pick me up a pack from the store. Without batting an eyelid. It shouldn’t be any different than picking up a packet of paracetamol right? Right. Because it’s not.

Girls shouldn’t be sulking off to the bathroom with a tampon hidden in hand. I think back to how many years I did that for. Isn’t that mind blowing?

bodyform periods

bodyform periods BodyForm, Kelly Prince-Wright-6

I think it’s important that we’re talking about it so much more than we did when I was growing up. I don’t even remember talking about having my period with my friends, it was like this big taboo secret. But it wasn’t a secret, it was something we were all dealing with.

That’s why I’m writing this little post. Because why not talk about it? Why continue a stigma, that shouldn’t actually exist? I don’t mind saying when I have cramps from hell that the only cure is a bottle of Prosecco, a big box of candy and the warmest, fluffiest socks you’ll ever see.

Let’s get talking.

Kelly xox

PS. This post is in collaboration with BodyForm, who sent across the loveliest care package ever to get me through a week of hellish cramps and burying myself on the sofa. It’s not ‘normal’ for me to write about things like this, but I felt like this was such an important topic for all women, young and old to be talking about. Thanks for reading, and hey, let’s break that stigma, shall we? x

  • Cramps are the worst! I often feel like we should all be able to have a day at home to just lie on our sides and cry on the worst day of cramps!