Why you need more cheerleaders in your life and introducing Instagram #StoryShouts

story shouts on instagram

It’s just a little something I’ve been thinking about lately.


Not the rah-rah, NFL kind with pom-poms. But the kind that are supportive of you no matter what. The people who you can count on to build you up, cheering on your successes and encouraging you during your pitfalls.

When the year started, I knew I had to kick myself back into action with blogging and writing. That means, no submitting myself to Netflix binge-a-thons daily, no putting off what I can do today for tomorrow (or never). It was a habit that I’d fallen into towards the end of 2017. Every time I went to do anything it felt like a massive weight to carry. I couldn’t bring myself to get back into the groove of things.

So after feeling rather sorry for myself in the lull between the holiday and the new year, I decided that this year I wasn’t going to let anything distract me from taking myself to where I want to go. And if I put my best effort towards it, well, hopefully I can achieve anything.

I’ve always had my immediate family and friends to support me. But over the past month, I made an effort to get out of my comfort zone and meet more people, fellow bloggers, writers and entrepreneurs. These are people who are inspiring to me in many different ways. And each time I’m meeting with someone, a new friend or old, I’m reminded why I enjoy writing and why I took the step into freelance/full-time blogging.

#storyshouts on instagram

From blogger street style group photoshoots with Allie (Rush & Teal), Leigh (Fox And Feather) and Katy (Little Winter) through to musings with Jaye (Jaye Rockett) and Rebecca (Runaway Kiwi) or nabbing the perfect food flat lay with Katy (Little Miss Katy) and gathering all the cooking tips from Rachel (Rachel Phipps)… I’ve been taking the time to get back in touch (and meet) these amazing people.

It’s about spending time with people who are cheering you on – and YOU’RE cheering them on too. For a long time I used to compare myself and my successes with others. Feeling like I have to complete in the writing and blogging world. But 2018 isn’t a competition.

It’s teamwork. It’s a network. A support system. Because when we support each other – good things happen.

And it’s why I’ve decided to create #StoryShouts.

#storyshouts Instagram

What are #StoryShouts?

After a quick search on the old Instagram hashtags, I realized that there wasn’t ONE use of #StoryShouts as a hashtag. Until now! So I’m introducing #storyshouts into our lives. It’s a way to share on Instagram stories (or in a post) the people who you’re currently cheering for.

Especially as I think we’ve all realized lately that any Instagram progress comes from story shoutouts and tags. So I’m encouraging you to give your favorites some love each month, week, or daily.

Tagging them using #storyshouts and shout out what you love about them. Is it their creativity? Use of photography? Maybe they have you in stitches constantly. Maybe they’re just a fantastic friend. You don’t even need a reason to cheer on people you’re proud of.

So let’s all start being cheerleaders.

I promise, I’ll leave the pom-poms at home.

Kelly xox

(Stay tuned for my #StoryShouts over on my Instagram!)

PS. Photos were taken by Allie (Rush & Teal)

  • I agree! I feel like they’re one of the only ways of growing your instagram now.

    • Isn’t it so true?! Definitely need more of this going on to help everyone out. 🙂

  • #storyshouts is such a good idea. I’m trying to use stories much more at the moment, but with working a 9-5 job my days are pretty much the same all the time! Unless I get a parcel or I go somewhere exciting, everything else is a bit samey 🙁

    Kayleigh x

    • It’s super hard to get it going, isn’t it? I think even the little parts of days can be exciting though. A good cup of coffee actually thrills me! 🙂


  • YAS I’m all about this. On that note – let’s get a coffee soon! xx

  • I love this idea! I think it’s so important to support and cheer on your fellow peers and friends – I definitely need to do more of it. I’m going to try and keep this hashtag in mind – I can’t believe it didn’t exist before! xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • I can’t believe it either! That said, I still need to use it much more. 🙂