It’s beginning to look a lot like… a John Lewis Christmas

john lewis christmas

Finally we’re in the Christmas countdown!

And what better way to celebrate than by decorating John Lewis Christmas jumpers? OK, as you probably already know, I’m not the most crafty person. So, I’ll put my hands up on this one. The last time I glittered and crafted was probably back at university in my sorority when we had to. 

John Lewis christmas

Times have changed, so glue guns, glitter and ribbons are not on my general day to day radar. But when I received an invite to come and decorate Christmas jumpers with John Lewis, how could I say no?

John Lewis Christmas jumpers

Their Christmas jumpers are incredibly cute. Each guest picked a jumper to decorate with bits and bobs from their habedashery and well, naturally, I arrived late due to unforeseen tube delays and walking about a half hour to get there. So I knew I’d be in a time crunch to make it there at all, which meant that my decorating was limited, it was for the best really. 

The evening was filled with mince pies, Prosecco and all the glitter.

john lewis christmas party

In addition to decorating the jumpers, we took a crack at the stockings. Again, I shouldn’t be allowed to touch scissors and felt, but there we were, and there I was with one hand on the Prosecco and the other cutting out tree shapes. Standard.

john lewis christmas party

john lewis christmas party

john lewis christmas party

Learnings of the evening? I’m not all-star who’s going to be on the next Great British Craft Off, but it was a lot of fun. And it was an excellent start to the festive season, I mean, look at the trees, eek! 

And my teeny tiny additions to the jumper look ultra cute.

john lewis christmas party

I’ve already been rocking this jumper around the London Christmas tree. So I can’t wait to take it home to the states for the holidays.

Kelly xoxo