New Look: taking the embroidered shirt dress to new heights

new look embroidery shirt dress

London is heating up and while I’d rather eat my own arm (meh, maybe not) than suffer on the Central Line, one thing is for certain… lightweight dresses are an ultimate summer do.

With everyone out there opting for the sleeveless, barely there, lingerie dresses, which look totally awesome by the way, it’s just that I always drift towards something a little on the simpler, safer side. Mostly because I feel that when the summer rolls around, I look like Casper met Bella Swan from Twilight and then forgot about going to the gym for three years.

It makes sense that I’d naturally navigate towards dresses with sleeves for the summer. I feel more comfortable and as a bonus I can hide a food/drink baby easily and still look pretty great.

So how’s a girl to stay comfy and elevate that style to look like a badass? Embroidered Shirt Dress.

Hear me out. Embroidery is an empowering fashion tool. It can make either a bold or a delicate statement, trendy or classic. But it can also an be wild.

I. Love. It.

In my search for the perfect dress, I stumbled upon New Look’s embroidery range.

new look embroidery shirt dress

new look embroidery shirt dress

new look embroidery shirt dress

And promptly fell in love with this babe of a dress.

Who knew that mixing a shirt dress, stripes and embroidery would work so well? But it does!

Paired with a chic crossbody shoulderbag with it’s own floral embroidered design, I felt like I was embarking on one of those magazine clickbait articles like, ‘I wore embroidery from head to toe for five days and this is what happened’. 

new look embroidery shirt dress

new look embroidery shirt dress

new look embroidery shirt dress

I wanted to take my wardrobe and myself to new heights. How could I step up to the challenge? For one day only, the key was to obviously to step up a simply look by going wild for embroidery.

The Embroidered look:

Embroidered Shirt Dress. Check. Handbag. Check. Purse. Check.

PS. The handbag is now on SALE. GO, go, go. Oh, and while I’m at it, I’ve had these sunnies from New Look for AGES, and I love em! Less than a tenner.

The only thing missing from the tapestry collection on this occasion from my was the shoes, which are rope based sandals, so they are 95% of the way there anyways. Speaking of heights, I thought that maybe this outfit deserved a day trip out. You know, exploring the city of London. Maybe even a stop at a rooftop bar…

So, we headed to the city to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

new look embroidered shirt dress

new look embroidered shirt dress

new look embroidered shirt dress

Before promptly realizing that my purse required an even more elevated, appropriate ‘happy hour’ setting…

Say hello to Madison’s Rooftop Bar. Perfect for displaying my newfound florals.

madison st. pauls london

new look embroidered shirt dress

new look embroidered handbag

new look happy hour purse

This summer, it’s all about taking a simple look and turning it into something more, while making a statement. Creating memorable looks. Because the eternal question we all what to hear is…

“Where did you get that?”

Now? I’m off to stalk what other embroidered additions I can sneak into my wardrobe…

Wish me luck!

new look embroidered shirt dress

Kelly xoxo

PS. This is a sponsored post in collaboration with the cool kids at New Look. But all outfit picking is on me, as well as my opinions.

  • Laura Torninoja

    I LOVE this outfit! That embroidery is so beautiful and those shoes are the cutest. This is really making me want to go shopping for ALL the summer clothes haha!

    Our office Christmas party was in Madison’s a few years ago, and I loved the views so much! I’ve never been there in the summer but would absolutely love to x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • THANK YOU!!! I’m so feeling the big yes to embroidery right now! 🙂

      And oooh. You definitely need to go to Madison’s in the summer! It’s so beautiful. Although, I have a feeling Christmas was dreamy too!


  • You look absolutely BEAUT Kelly! I love a shirt dress, and feeling comfortable (but cool) in the summer is essential, especially when you commute erry day on the tube (*surface of the sun). A pretty dress to glide over my prosecco / pimms / bbq filled tummy is essential too >:) Immy x

    • Thanks so much lovely!! I can’t seem to stop buying shirt dresses this summer. So good for the tube! Except, I still feel like I melted today wandering around London… thank goodness for cheeky Sunday prosecco!! 🙂


  • Love pretty much everything in this post! I have a new look voucher so off to buy all the embroidery!

  • I have that bag!!! I got it last week and it’s legit my fave bag ever!

    C x

    • Yes! How good is it?! I can’t set it down… or stop taking flat lays of it! xoxo