Oh Buoy! I’m getting back on track

joanie clothing

joanie clothing

joanie clothing


Oh buoy! It’s autumn already?!?

I don’t know where the time has gone over the past few weeks. I’m currently seven weeks into not working full time anymore. How quickly has that just flown by?

It has. And now that the summer is officially finito, I really need to start cracking onto blogging seriously again. With all the holidays and weekends away, I’ve started to lose perspective and well, time. 

Still, it’s going to be okay. I’m working up some plans and finally catching up on outstanding blog posts. Seriously, a few weeks or weekends away wreaks total havoc to a blogger’s scheduling system.

I think it’s good that I was able to throw myself head first into blogging from the get go. Seven weeks ago, I went away to Ibiza with fellow blogging pals and they completely inspired me to get cracking with blogging and well, life. So much so, that I found myself actually running out of weeknights and weekends to get everything done.

I can tell the past few weeks of buzzing around like a road-runner has burned me out a little bit, which is why this week I put a pause on all reviews, launches and activities. I needed to rest and be a hermit for a little bit. Which ultimately, I guess my body decided it agreed on, because on day three of my hermit status, I came down with a cold. I always think that when I’ve been going too hard, I always come down with a crash. Or a, well, cold.

It’s my body saying, uh yes hun, thanks for seriously not looking after me. So now it’s all about the coconut water, smoothies, and sleeping. Wrapping myself in blankets and my cosiest jumpers (like this oh buoy beauty from Joanie clothing. Both cute an a nice ironic one to wear while I’m sick in bed. It’s also on sale, so go, go, go!).

And once this head fog clears out, I’d like to start making sense again and get stuck into my writing. Clear out that big ole’ to do list of posts and focus on the future.

October’s going to be a busy one again, so I’m taking it one step at a time. Oh buoy is right. 

Kelly xox

joanie clothing

joanie clothing

PS. This babe of a jumper was sent to me by the cool vintage queens from Joanie clothing. Have a little gander at their site here