Road trip to Ibiza! Why you need to take a girls trip in your 20s

enterprise rental car road trip

You know that I went to Ibiza. I know you know, we all know.

Because it’s all I can talk about. It’s all over my Instagram and Twitter. It’s inescapable.

Sorry about that.

But I’m not sorry about the fact that I’m going to keep talking about it. Although, it’s time you heard more about the adventures rather than me staggering on about how I got to go on a trip with the loveliest women.

I mean, I really won’t go on about it at all.

Yes, I will.

Full disclosure. I’ve never gone on a full on girls trip. No spring break while I was at university (who had the extra cash?!), no trips with my besties from high school, nothing at all. It wasn’t a thing that I did or even thought about much until I got older. Then I had Joe to travel with. Who’s amazing, of course. But it’s not the same as getting emosh with your pals, toasting with a cool glass of wine, exploring a new city. I’ve only gone away for one night before with my friend Grace to Paris on the Eurostar. And that was my first ever ‘girl’s trip’, and it was just the two of us. Last year.

Boy did I have plenty to catch up on. And things are about to change in a big way now, because and I feel a little bit zen talking about this, like I’ve finally found out that whole namaste thing. Girls road trips will change your life. And here’s why you need to go on them in your 20s. To be completely fair, I think these should happen throughout your whole life, but start them in your 20s – and don’t wait until your *cough late 20s cough*. 

So which destination is the place to go for the ultimate girls road trip? IBIZA. The Spanish island is small, which means it’s perfect taking a car for daily treks on the road, hitting up the beach, hiking the through mountains and actually being able to see it all, on your own schedule.

With the help of Enterprise UK rental cars, we were off and on our way. From Stanstead to Ibiza, we stepped off the plane into a heatwave appropriately called Lucifer. After making our way through Passport control, we easily found the Enterprise desk, where our lovely driver for the trip Jaye signed the paperwork to get us on the road.

The thing is, for the ultimate girls trip, you need a big car. More specifically a gorgeous white Mercedes B class. Post our trip, Jaye is looking into actually buying this car. So the crew at Enterprise really knew how to pick one we’d all fall in love with.

We piled our stuff in and hit the road.

Why you need to go on a girls trip in your 20s

enterprise rental car ibiza review

New friendships

48 hours of exploring in 35 degrees Celsius heat. Damn. It’s a scorcher. We were lucky to have the coolest of Aircon in our rental, so we could pretend we weren’t melting faster than the Wicked Witch of the West.

But it’s a total bonding experience. I went into this adventure “knowing” but not really knowing these women. Not in person, not without the space of social media in between. I’ve become much closer to Jaye, Lauren, Jess and Leigh. We know even have a designated Whatsapp group for day to day chat and scouring deals for a future holiday together.

When you find friends who you want to travel with, you need to travel with them! You must. You need to. Even if it seems a little bit scary and out of your comfort zone, you have nothing to lose. I made four new amazing friends because of it.

enterprise ibiza hire cars

enterprise ibiza hire cars

enterprise ibiza hire cars

Tackling challenges together

It’s all good and well to tackle a challenge on your own. But you know what’s better? Doing something as a group. Like driving around the island of Ibiza. Making sure we’re on the right side of the road, navigating directions, and finding the essential playlists (AKA playing ‘We’re going to Ibiza’ on repeat).

And that’s just on the road.

There’s also planning the trip as a collective. Accommodating everyone in the group. You know what? When you find a group of women who you can wholeheartedly get along with, go out to eat, explore new places and genuinely enjoy their company the entire time? Hold onto them dearly, because these are your people.

enterprise rental car ibiza review

enterprise rental car ibiza review

enterprise rental car ibiza review

enterprise rental car ibiza review

enterprise rental car ibiza review

enterprise rental car ibiza review

enterprise rental ibiza review

The unexpected adventures

I didn’t expect us to go off roading. But that’s where we found ourselves on our second day on the island. I was so sure of my directions to get us to the views of Es Vedra Rock. So confident. And then we suddenly realised why all the cars on the island were covered in dust.

They all go off roading to get to the best of places.

With a collaborative, yes we’re doing this. We took our Enterprise Mercedes – at this point – it was practically our group’s child, so we felt slightly guilty about making it go down a path of destructive rock, dust and heat.

Still, we persevered. I mean, Jaye’s driving did. And the Mercedes literally powered through the dirt road and brought us to the most incredible views. A short five minute walk from the car was this.

Es Vedra Rock.

Es Vedra is said to be the third most magnetic spot on the planet (after the north pole and Bermuda Triangle). It’s not a scientific fact, but a bit of a legend… another legend about the rock is that Es Vedra is the tip of the sunken civilisation of Atlantis.

enterprise rental ibiza


You will laugh until your sides hurt. Whether that’s me clumsily giving the wrong directions or having to blow my hair with the cool AC. Or perhaps Leigh and I thinking we were going to drown in the pool and treading to save our lives… until it turned out we can stand up in without any issues.

One thing’s for sure, you will have the time of your life with the people surrounding you.

enterprise rental ibiza review

enterprise rental ibiza review

What’s wrong with being confident?

On a girls trip? Nothing! (And I mean, generally too, but I liked the play of words from the song, so let’s keep it) I completely understand why celebrities like Taylor Swift have a girl squad. They don’t need one, but oh my god, the levels of confidence you start to carry from being around a swarm of girls who build up your body confidence, refer to your hair as ‘mermaid hair’ and generally make you feel like a superstar?

That’s what the world needs more of.

It even comes in the shape of boosting your skills, like driving. I knew Jaye was hesitant to get behind the wheel, it was her first time driving abroad. And she totally rocked it. With our encouragement, she was driving that Enterprise rental in Spain as if she’d always been driving in Spain. As if it was her very own car and she lived on the island. From now on, after having a cheerleading squad as her passengers, she’ll be able to know that she’s got it next time, even if we aren’t around to be that support system.

enterprise rental ibiza

enterprise rental ibiza review

In case you hadn’t guessed it. I’m a fan of the girls trip! So if you hadn’t been planning one before, I can’t help but suggest that you do.

Massive thanks again to the Enterprise team for letting us road trip around the island of Ibiza. Honestly, it couldn’t have been easier. And there’s still time left this summer to get out to Ibiza!

We had such an amazing time, that like I said, we’re already thinking of our next adventure. I think it’s probably my turn to do the driving…

Kelly xox

PS. Our trip to Ibiza was courtesy of Enterprise, but all thoughts, opinions and girl crushing are my own.