Shakshuka in London: Add Café Loren to your must visit list in Camden

shakshuka in london, camden

When you get up bright and early on the coldest day of the year, the only logical reason has to be for a bangin’ breakfast and the strongest, warmest coffee known to humankind.

It was a frosty tube journey across to Camden Town to meet Katy (Little Miss Katy) for breakfast at Café Loren. Even with the biting temperatures nipping at our noses, for a fleeting moment when resting your eyes upon Café Loren you wouldn’t be remiss to suspect you’ve been transported to a café somewhere in Europe.

Nestled underneath a bridge where the tube line runs overhead, you’ll find Café Loren. A small café serving up Mediterranean dishes throughout the day and who are most prominently known for their signature dish, Shakshuka. In the Middle East Shakshuka is synonymous with breakfast and brunch. It’s a traditional eastern Mediterranean dish of poached eggs braised in a fresh, homemade tomato based sauce, slow roasted using a blend of vegetables and spices.

I’d heard of these before, but actually only officially tried Shakshuka a few weeks ago when I was learning all about batch cooking. I loved it. So, naturally, I had power stalked their menu the night before and I was excited to warm my bones and indulge in a breakfast filled with Mediterranean spice.

The inside of the restaurant is a little less European vacation chic. Their style reflects a more modern decor with white painted walls and shiny black tables. It was here where we huddled for warmth by heaters and defrosted our hands on steaming mugs of coffee.

But as any good blogger knows, it’s about showcasing the very best highlights of where you’re at. Café Loren is a space that’s simply put, made for the outdoors. Wooden benches and tables line the bridge archway. So we headed outside to photograph our feast.

shakshuka in london, camden

shakshuka in london, camden

What to order:

I ordered the Green Shakshuka. Katy the Balkan Shakshuka, because well, all the feta. We also shared their Mediterranean plate including Challah bread, homemade hummus, vegetables, parsley, cheese burakas and olives.

The Balkan Shakshuka features two organic poached eggs, feta cheese, basil, parsley, onions, garlic, roasted bell peppers and tomatoes. Served with tahini and hummus.

I had originally thought about ordering what Katy did. But I wanted something different. When I go to review a restaurant, I always hate getting the same things… it’s all about the variety and exploring as many dishes as possible. The only person who really gets away with same dish ordering flawlessly is the @symmetrybreakfast account. Anyways, I’m glad I went rogue because I actually preferred the Green. Including two organic poached eggs, spinach, leek, green peppers, avocado, pesto and fresh cream. Served with garlic sauce. Heavenly.

shakshuka in london, camden

shakshuka in london, camden


I’m still dreaming about it. Note: must take Joe back.

Café Loren also have a little takeaway counter/station, where passersby can grab coffees. Or even snacks as we spotted pastries AND rainbow bagels. And I think that sounds just about perfect for a weekend exploring the markets.

Kelly xoxo