It’s been a slow week online, but a thrillingly busy month

kelly prince writes online

I’ve been quiet this week.

Online I mean. Not in life, because wow. The past week has been massively exciting. Not like one of those ‘I got an exciting email and I’m going to keep it a secret from everyone for weeks but please ask me all about it’ tweet kind of exciting. Just you know, living my best life exciting.

After being the kind of person who doesn’t end up following through on plans for the majority of 2017, I’m finding this January to be one of my best times for friendship. And we’re only a few weeks in!

Last week I was high in the sky (literally, its on the 12th floor) in the Rumpus Room at the Modrian hotel, surrounded by an awesome girl gang. We drank champagne and wine, nibbled on treats (hello to their bao buns – get on board with these babes), took selfies in their mirror gif booth before heading downstairs to their cinema room.

Then we all made slightly tipsy plans to meet on Saturday for photos and lunch. Last year Kelly might have cancelled due to Friday night’s activities, i.e. the hangover was SO real. But this year Kelly is not the cancelling type (I mean, at least yet, let’s not make too many promises we can’t keep).

Friday night was spent with Joe’s work colleagues – it was the first time I’ve met them. Not weird by the way, he just works from home and is only there once a week. It was such a great time. Really awesome and interesting people. Going out is actually fun, you guys.

So Saturday morning came. I got up and somehow made it to a yoga class. How?!

A few hours later, I ventured off to Kentish town for adventures with fellow blogger babes, Allie, Leigh and Katy

And the friendship successes of 2018 continued, meeting with my foodie friend Rachel, business meetings, spending an afternoon with Jaye on Thursday.

It had all been going so well. Too well. Because on Thursday, I could feel it happening. The cold that grabbed ahold of me in 2017 and doesn’t want to let go came back into my life. Like an old frenemy, it creeped into my bones and now it’s Saturday. I had to cancel on plans with Ghenet on Friday. My first cancel of the year.

It had to happen eventually, I’m just disappointed because I was going so strong.

Maybe it was a good thing. A subtle reminder that while it’s OK to be a yes person in 2018, it’s also good to listen to your bod and slow it down once in awhile.

So here I am slowing down. Tucked underneath a giant blanket on the sofa, laptop situated, and an activated charcoal drink beside me (for health). Because who says slowing down in the outside world has to mean slowing down online?

Kelly xox

  • I hope you feel better soon! xx

  • Feel better! And if sickness is not an excuse for activated charcoal, I don’t know what is!

  • I hope you feel better soon! It’s okay to cancel plans sometimes, I know I’m guilty of it too! But otherwise it sounds like you had an amazing few days 🙂 x

    • Such a good few days! But definitely good to listen to myself and slow it down too! xo

  • Aah it was so nice to see you at Mondrian lady! Hope you start to feel a little better soon lass – I am very intrigued about the charcoal! Will have to get a coffee (espresso martini) soon 🙂 Immy x

    • So good to see you too!! The charcoal wasn’t bad, but it just tasted a lot like lemons! And yes please to coffee (martini) soon!!! xox