Three things you absolutely need to eat at Wing Wing

wing wing uk review

Wing Wing, so good, they named it twice.

Admittedly, by the time I arrived at Wing Wing’s launch (back in May, because tackling my blog backlog has been an ongoing feat), I was ravenous. We were so beyond late from another event and the shame was intense. Despite my automatic penchant for being late all. the. time. I still can’t handle the fact that it continues to happen.

This wasn’t like a casual half hour. It was actual hours. I was really late. The shame had taken over my body like that of a sad dog that’s eaten all the cushions. Except I hadn’t eaten in hours.

Luckily, I looked panicked/sad enough and the staff were incredible and seemed to not hate me for turning up hours late. Even luckier, because the party actually was still in full s-wing.

We were led through the throws of customers into their private room for the event. There were TV screens, music playing and good vibes immediately. And then, because it’s all about that wing, the Wing Wing crew brought out a fresh wave of selections from their menu. O. M. G. Along with a glass of bubbles to kick-start the evening of course.

Within a moments cheers, it was then that my tastebuds were treated to Korean Fried Chicken deliciousness. According to their website, Wing Wing are here to bring Londoners aboard the fried chicken phenomenon that’s currently on trend in Korea. Again, I had zero idea that this was a thing, because I’ve never been, so no, I didn’t know Korea loved fried chicken.

So the guys at Wing Wing decided to bring it to Londontown, inspired by the chicken-and-beer “chimaek” joints of Korea and their New York imitators.

I’m glad they did. Because not only are the wings, melt in your mouth good, they’re a little gooey and sticky – in a good way – and weirdly remind me of Snap, Krackle and Pop cereal. Plus, the rest of their menu that we tried, well, they’re onto a winner. It’s the kind of place to go for late nights, quick bites or when you’re planning a full on party with your mates.

But before you go, you have to know the three things that you’re going to need to order, because as always, I’m here to eat and then tell you about it.

Three things you need to eat at Wing Wing:

wing wing london review

wing wing london review

1. Signature Wings and Drumsticks

Holy amazeballs, theses are incredible and really, what it’s all about at Wing Wing. The um, wings. It’s the classic fried chicken that you didn’t know you were missing from your life. I ate approximately 15 of these. You can order them with either soy garlic, hot, liquorice or even a ~mix~ of the three. I’m not sure which sauces ours were coated in. So try them for yourself and see what you like!

wing wing london review

2. Halloumi Bao

You had me at Halloumi, obviously. These are the Night Sliders. Yes, they really are called night sliders. You can get any 3 sliders from the menu, but really, let’s cut to the chase and just order the Halloumi Bao.

wing wing london review

wing wing london review

3. Self-pouring pints

Ain’t no party like a self-pouring beer tap! Wing Wing have this baby in their private room, which you can book out for parties. I can’t recommend this enough as a life concept. Annoyed on waiting for your server or to get the bartenders attention? Nah, it’s a thing of the past! Because if you’re like me and have never worked in a bar before, it felt like a magic trick that I was secretly allowed to know about.

Except for the fact that I filled mine up and it overflowed because I have no bartender skill set. But it didn’t matter. I did it. And then I drank it. When I guessed which beer it was, I even got it spot on, Blue Moon. For your reference, it goes very well with crispy fried chicken.

wing wing uk review

Despite turning up late, we were treated so, so well by the Wing Wing crew and were able to try so much of their menu.

While, I’ve narrowed it down to my favourites, there’s still plenty on the menu to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Korean crispy fried chicken awaits!

Kelly xox

Wing Wing are located just a short walk away from Russell Square and are open from Monday-Saturday 11am-11pm and Sunday 12pm-10pm. 


  • Halloumi bao!? They sound amazing, I love all things halloumi too – yum!