To the man behind the lens, happy birthday

happy birthday joe

Seven years I’ve known this man. Six of which, we’ve “been together”, three of which, we’ve been married.

When I was younger, I never thought I’d meet someone quite like him. I didn’t grow up clinging to the outdated idea that I needed anyone. I liked relationships, of course. But I never thought, ah yes this will determine my happiness.

I instead had very equally practical dreams to grow up wanting to be a Spice Girl rather than a Princess who get’s swept off her feet.

The truth is, my life seems to have fallen into the realities somewhere in between. I can be (and am!) the independent Girl Power woman while also having found a Prince (Wright) who treats me like a queen. As a matter of fact, it seems that over the years, I’ve found out that I do in fact, need this kind of happiness in my life.

In the seven year’s that I’ve known him, he’s never put himself first. It’s me, it’s family, it’s friends first. Always.

To find someone like him is rare, I know that. I know that I’m lucky. I know that even when I’m lucky, sometimes – OK a lot of time – I can still be a pain. Because I’m human and I can be a selfish one too. So I think that, especially on his birthday, he gets to be thought of first. For once. At least in writing. I’m sure I’ll likely make some sort of demands later, so…

To the man I love the most,

Who always makes sure I’ve had coffee in the morning and that I’m never left hangry.

Works tirelessly and passionately in his career.

Only moderately gripes about having to take my outfit photos for the blog.

And pauses before tucking into food because I have to get the perfect flat lay first.

Who returns my ASOS orders to the post office.

Indulges in my reality TV obsessions (and gets sort of into it).

Cooks dinner much better than I do.

Supports all of my ambitions.

Listens to me when I’m down. And then lifts me right back up.

Is kind to my friends, who’ve also become his over the years.

Who sends me pictures of cute dogs.

To be honest, I could write pages and pages about what a great guy he is. So I’ll stop before it gets too cheesy.

Happy birthday Joe.

Kelly xox

  • Aaaaaaaaaah happy birthday Joe! Kelly I can’t believe I didn’t know you were married!? This is so lovely 🙂 Made mi heart feel all warm <3 Have a lovely time celebrating! Immy x