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I’m writing this completely intentionally on a Sunday night. Sunday mornings are now made for sleeping in, having coffee and reading a book instead of writing. I’m not sorry about it, my creativity seems to come alive after a glass of wine – and when I’m actually you know, awake.

I feel like I’m always recapping, when I should start posting more in the here and now. It’s a shame that I get tired at around 10pm and need to go to bed, when I know so many bloggers who creatively thrive during the nocturnal hours. If you’re one of them, I envy you greatly. Can you lend me some of your inspiration? Pretty please?

Maybe I’ll start Monday coffee, a recap that I can write on Sunday nights and get up and ready for you guys first thing in the AM. It’s all a work in progress, much like my blog, much like my life. View Post

monday coffee

Happy Monday you guys!

Where has the weekend gone? Last night I tried to get to bed early, I thought, let’s start the week with a well rounded 8 hours of sleep.

Only the best laid plans right? After eventually falling into some sort of sleeping state around 1am, I woke back up at 5am. Yes, that’s right. FIVE. AM.

From that point on, I ended up sucked into Twitter, reading about the US Presidential Debate, becoming more and more outraged and well, even more awake. Not to mention checking Facebook. Why? Because apparently I wanted to make myself a bit enraged on a Monday morning at 5:30am.

So here I am, it’s 6am and I’m sipping on coffee. It’s pitch dark outside and I thought, what better a time to write than now? No time like the present. View Post

pan chai harrods review

Believe it or not, strangely for most of my youth, I hadn’t tried sushi. Sashimi?! Forget about it.

For all of those years, I never realised what I was missing. By the time I found myself at university, I was about to discover an entire world of new foods from around the world. My friends were slightly more worldly than me at the time. I ate sushi, Thai food, Indian, Burmese, Ethiopian. I lived in a city where you could find most dishes across the globe at any given day.

Nearly eight years later, this have certainly changed from my first global food experiences, and now living in London? Well I’m totally spoiled for choice.

I’ve already tried the incredible Mango Tree at Harrods, so when the opportunity arose to visit its sister restaurant Pan Chai? Well, of course my answer would be yes. I was about to discover how incredible their selection at Harrods is. View Post

ordering from

With a crisp chill in the air, the leaves changing colours and falling to the ground, everyone is back at uni and away from their summer holidays. Well, we all know that one thing is on its way.

Okay, it actually means several things, like amazing pumpkin pie, warm drinks on cool nights and um, it also means everyone is about to get a cold.

Yep, flu season has officially arrived people. I’ve seen it on the bus, on the tube and everywhere in between. We’re all delaying the inevitable. So when the lovely crew at got in touch to chat all things flu survival, I was game. Because without fail, when the season changes I get sick. This has been happening since school, uni and I’m currently in a struggle against it now in my mid-20s out in the workplace.

But today, we’re talking 5 things you need to survive Freshers Flu. Despite the fact that I’m out of university now (wah!), I know that a lot of my readers are still there or heading there shortly. And believe me, when you go from the cosy comforts of home off to a campus filled with so. many. people. you’re bound to catch a cold. View Post

kelly prince-wright goals

I’ve been trying to get on top of my blogging game lately, she said with intent but without action.

As everyone knows, I’m struggling for inspiration and motivation. I just can’t seem to get myself in the zone again. So I decided to look at  old posts for a little bit of inspo and oh boy, guess what I stumbled upon?

My list of goals for 2016…

Yeah. It’s about to get a little bit awkward. What a terrible idea I once had to put these things down in writing that could be found by anyone? I don’t enjoy the fact that I can easily look back and hold myself accountable for the things I didn’t do. Because essentially that’s what we’re looking at, a list of things that I put once on a to do list and then lost in my winter handbag. Only with the autumn cleaning have I realised what I once put down on paper. View Post