10 easy things you can do to clear out your space (mental and physical) right now

new year

OK. It’s the New Year, New Me kind of attitude taking over. I don’t know about you, but I actually like getting into that kind of mindset.

I like the start your 365 page book over business. Sometimes, a clean slate is exactly the kind of thing you need. And a new number in the calendar year can make all the difference.

Still, I started this week off slowly. I read a new book. Went running a few times. Stared at the blank pages of my ‘add new post’ section on my website.

I finally realised, I just need to start clearing.

Clearing my head, clearing my space, clearing my life.

Bold, I know.

So for the past three days, I’ve been clearing out and I’ve discovered exactly the 10 easy things you can get rid of to leave you a little bit happier, lighter and well, clearer (I’m obviously still in the process of clearing, otherwise I would have come up with a far more clever end to the sentence).

10 easy things you can do to clear out your space (mental and physical) right now:

1. Old Tee Shirts

I know, it’s silly. But I’ve got to start with the clothes. And the thing that clutters up all our wardrobes? Ratty af tee shirts. If you’re like me, they are old sorority tees. Or maybe ones from clubs, running in half marathons, or just shit you thought was funny and bought. Ugh. Get them out of my life. Graphic tees, old white tees (you know the ones with pit stains from here to… somewhere far), that gross tee you always sleep in. They’ve got to go. I don’t care if you get a new one later. Get rid of the oldies.

2. Shoes you can’t walk in

Again, I have had a giant clear storage box filled with shoes (I’m classy like that) for years. In college, I could get so unreasonably drunk that hobbling across campus in 4 inch heels seemed brilliant. Um, not anymore. If I have to get public transport, I better be able to walk in my shoes. Curb to cab doesn’t do the trick. I don’t even care if I sound old. I donated a ton of these babes and tossed the ones that were beyond repair.

3. Makeup you’ve had since 2007

Hands up if you’re guilty of keeping makeup that you might wear someday. The amount of half finished eye shadow palettes. Lipsticks and liners? I have so many of these. And you know what? It probably wouldn’t kill me to use them. But again, it’s gross. If there is dust covering the top of the cover. It’s got to go. But if you do have new stuff that you’re not keen on. (Maybe a Christmas gift that doesn’t suit your style? Donate it to awesome causes like Give and Makeup.)

4. Unmatched socks

We all have them. Somehow. It’s not like they don’t make it back to your house daily. But still, in the midst of laundry to your drawers, they go missing. If you can’t find the pair… just say goodbye to it. And think about the favour you can do for 2018 you. Buy a BUNCH of the exact same pair. Then, you’ll always find a match. Also, any socks that have seen better days. I was wearing one with a hole in it for weeks. Why? WHY.

5. Phone contacts

Admittedly, I did get this idea from Vix Meldrew via one of her tweets the other day. Why on earth do we still have contacts from our high school days? Unless you have spoken to this person in this decade, I suggest they go. Hey, let’s say in the last three years even. Get rid of them. They’re taking up that precious space for new editing apps. And you’ll breathe easy getting rid of some unwanted people, you know what I mean?

6. And… phone photos

You obviously have 3,000 selfies taking up your space. And I’m all for that selfie game. But, you probably don’t need all of them. Especially when they end up being ones from 2 years ago that you just never deleted during your phone upgrade. Do yourself a favour. Go back. Delete your duplicates. Actually upload ones you want to keep onto your laptop (and BACK IT UP FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS). And then say buh-bye to those old photos and hello to space for the 2018 bae that you are.

7. Laptop space

Yes, it’s all about that digital detox to retox. You’ve probably got plenty of unneeded and unnecessary files on your laptop. Just do a clear out. Or, if you’re extremely lazy and have a cool £34.95 to spare, I’d go for something like Clean My Mac and let it do the dirty work for you. I’ve used it on my old laptop and it does the trick just enough so that I can access files I need.

8. Change your sheets!

Just do it. Go buy yourself a lovely cozy set. Toss your old ones (if they are hideous like mine were) and then relish in the best sleep of your life. Joe’s mom bought us a set for Christmas and we literally threw out our old one. Yes, I’m like a teenager who definitely doesn’t change my sheets every two weeks or whatever it is. It had been at least a month or two (or three). You’ll feel more at ease than you have in a long time, I promise.

9. Read a little more

I know it doesn’t sound like you’re clearing your mind. But my goodness. Get yourself involved in whatever sort of fiction genre you love and just go to town. Your brain is getting a break from life’s stresses while getting a nice little workout by slipping out of reality for a bit. It’s just a really great feeling.

10. Get your lazy self outside

I’m guilty of not doing this. I’ve fallen off the workout wagon. While I used to be here, there and everywhere. I’m now… mostly really in love with my green velvet sofa and catching reruns of Law & Order. But this week, despite the raging storm and wind, I dragged myself to get out there and run. It felt awful. My knee ached. My eyes watered from the wind stinging them. I’m pretty sure I got hit in the face with a leaf (I hope it was a leaf). But! I did it. I went and you know what? The next day it felt even better. I’m not saying you have to run. But the outdoors can really improve your mood. This morning I turned to Joe and said, I feel really stressed (about what? WHO KNOWS), but we went for a run and I felt like the weight was lifted from my shoulders. Find a park. Green space. Anything. Just go for a walk. You’re mood will lighten. You’ll feel a little more clarity.

It literally couldn’t be easier. I’m not even saying make unattainable goals. These are super duper easy fixes that you can do today! Tonight! Tomorrow morning! Because really, when did we ever want to start a new year the hard way?

Good luck on the clear out you guys! I’m feeling better already.

Kelly xox

  • This is so relatable, easy things I could literally do today to feel better. Thanks doll!

    Abi xx

    • No problem! So glad they can help, it’s literally the smallest things that can make such a difference! 🙂 xx

  • I love everything on this list! x

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one useless with sheets changing. I did mine right before going back to work and I was so glad I did! x

    • I am SO useless at them. We changed ours when we got back from the holidays and I swear, I’ve never slept better. Which also might be a problem as I can’t seem to get myself up in the mornings now…! xoxo

  • Yes, yes, and YES. All of these things help me feel so much calmer. I’m rubbish at throwing out old tees though. I get too sentimental with them. Which is NOT GOOD! Time to do a clear out I think!